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007 Fiance: How to find her ring size (without her knowing)

December 5th, 2016

So, you're thinking about getting engaged. Time to start ring shopping… but how do you keep the proposal plans under-wrap without knowing her ring size? Fear not, future fianc?s! Gerald Peters has all the sneaky, stealthy tricks for figuring out what size her finger is without her catching on.

  • Ask a friend/sister/mom- chances are someone has bought her jewelry before and the women in her life might know her ring size from past instances. Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.33.14 PM
  • Snag a ring of hers she doesn't wear often and bring it to us to measure. This can be tricky if she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, but if she does, be sure to take one that won't set her in a panic if she notices it missing. IF she does happen to notice it missing, "find" it somewhere believable like the bathroom or the dryer once you've collected you intel. Warning: avoid taking any sort of ring that has sentimental attachment, such as a family heirloom or gift from someone important in their life- the upset caused by something this important being missing will ruin your attempt to be at all secretive or stealthy.
  • Have her try rings on in store. Ask a friend or sister (who has mastered the art of subtlety) to look at rings with her when they go shopping. If a ring fits her, ask our salesperson what size it is. The GP girls love to try on rings for fun, so having a friend try on rings with her should be a super simple task. Our sales associates are more than happy to help in secret and will even make notes for you of what she does and does not like while in the store to make the process even easier for you.
  • Try a ring of hers on and mark with a pen or sharpie where it fits to on your finger. We can then size a ring in store to fit to that line you marked. Make sure the point at which you mark the ring is at a comfortable fit and not pushed too tightly on your finger. It also helps to remember whether or not you made the mark above or below the ring so we can accurately replicate the fit. (One of our ring experts has even heard this technique used on a carrot instead of a finger!)

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.40.49 PM

  • Find a fashion ring to buy her "just because." So this one requires a little more work, but it's probably one of the best ways to not only find her ring size but also to throw her off in the process (which can be especially helpful if you think she may be onto you.) Send her a picture of an cute every-day ring (like an Alex and Ani, a simple silver, a simple gold ring from our GP Fashion collection, or even a colorful TACORI Fashion cocktail ring) that "made you think of her" and ask what size she wears. The romantic gesture of this "just because" gift will completely distract her from the fact that you asked for her ring size- and she won't suspect a thing.
  • Trace the inside of a ring of hers on a piece of paper. In store, we can match a ring to the ring size you traced. Try to use a simpler ring that has a more consistent band shape to increase the accuracy of your trace.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.33.05 PM

Some other facts that might come in handy in your ring size quest:

  • The most common ring sizes are 6/6.5, which is a common size that we carry samples in, so if the samples tend to fit her, you know that's the correct range.
  • Wider rings fit much more snuggly, so if your engagement band is thicker it's generally best to go up ? - ? a size.
  • Dominant hands tend to have slightly larger rings sizes so, for example, if she is a lefty and you measure based on a right hand ring, you may want to size up ? - ? a size.
  • Our fingers tend to swell in the summer due to the heat, so rings that seem snug in the colder months will be even more snug during the summertime.

Remember, some of these methods may not be 100% exact, but they will definitely be very close. Our diamond staff has years of experience and practice in covertly figuring out ring sizes and are generally very accurate even with these unconventional sizing methods.

Use these tricks to find out her size in secret and feel like James Bond when you pop the question without her having a single clue it was coming!

So now that you have all the tricks you need to find her ring size, be sure to check out our Pinterest to give you style inspiration! We have pin boards for every girl's style, with ring settings to that match those styles. And of course we're always ready in store to help you find the perfect ring for your perfect girl.

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