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Side Stone Rings

Characteristics of Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings are fantastic, radiant, and elegant. They balance diamonds’ luxurious spectacle with understated elegance, ensuring an intricate but breathtaking aesthetic. Fantastic details like diamond pave, split shanks, and interweaving bands push these rings into a new realm of high-fashion extravagance. Some pieces have more eccentric designs, utilizing colorful gemstones, unusual cuts, and intricate metalwork. Designers create an endless variety of side stone rings, each distinct in style. No matter what type of ring you’re looking for, there’s a side stone ring that will perfectly suit your preferences. Find your favorite at Gerald Peters.

Popular Collections of Side Stone Rings

TACORI is a beloved brand hailing from California. They specialize in unusual details, sophisticated hues, and breathtaking metalwork. The Classic Crescent collection is iconic, featuring TACORI’s signature crescent metalwork imbued in the band. When combined with dazzling side stone pave, these engagement rings are stunning. Dantela exhibits smaller, understated silhouettes. The collection’s name refers to the Romanian word for “lace,” which is well-illustrated by these fine pieces’ elegant aesthetic. Looking for the most spectacular rings? Find them in the RoyalT collection. These glamorous rings feature large diamonds, bold metals, and colorful gemstone accents.

Designer Sylvie focuses on femininity. Their pieces evoke contemporary imagery with a soft edge, ensuring a unique and intriguing aesthetic. The Sidestone collection offers a variety of exquisite side stone settings. Some of these glamorous pieces exhibit a plethora of enchanting diamonds on the band, creating a vivid and vibrant light display. A few combine twisting bands with these colorless gemstones, resulting in a distinct and dynamic romantic look. A.JAFFE is another incredible brand. Rings in the Art Deco collection showcase a vintage style via unusual shapes and radiant diamonds. All of A.JAFFE’s pieces are delightful and sublime.

Shop Side Stone Rings at Gerald Peters

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