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Three Stones Rings

Characteristics of Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings are widely sought after by many couples, as a triad of precious gems can brilliantly honor the past, celebrate the present and signify hope for a long and happy future. Traditionally, the largest of the stones is set in the middle of these rings with two smaller stones on each side. Yet creatives can also opt to make stones the same size to create a sense of uniformity and equal importance. The engagement rings come in an array of side stone shapes, from round to oval to pear and emerald. A little searching is sure to yield the perfect individual style desired in three-stone rings.

Popular Three Stone Ring Collections

Three stone rings come in a variety of collections, each perfectly crafted to fit one’s tastes. Kirk Kara boasts collections composed of European aesthetics with a heavy focus on sapphires with vivid hues of blue. Designs feature hand-carved filigree and peek-a-boo diamonds on each side. Vibrant and expressive, their Charlotte collection radiates a bold and daring sense of complexity largely due to the vivid hues on the side stones, perfect for the modern sensibility with a vintage soul. The company’s commitment to elegance and premiere design landed them on the JCK Jewelers’ Choice awards for ten consecutive years in a row.

If on the hunt for additional style options, three stone rings made by Sylvie may be the right jewelry pieces for you. Their rings are adorned with diamonds, both as the centerpiece and along the ring band. Elegant meets uncompromising quality as each stone is set by hand and secured with four durable prongs. Additionally, TACORI offers a range of artisan jewelry pieces that include Dantela, a lacey and timeless heirloom style, Simply TACORI, which is perfect for the modern girl with classic style, and RoyalT, a regal collection paying intricate attention to detail, emulating gorgeous elegance.

Why Shop Three Stone Rings at Gerald Peters?

Gerald Peters is a premier east coast jewelry company that has serviced Staten Island and Brooklyn for over 30 years and two generations, establishing a legacy of service and quality that still stands today. Founder Jerry Amerosi Sr. named the company after his two sons, Gerald and Peter, and to date, the company has maintained familial roots. Offering the largest bridal jewelry selection in Staten Island, Gerald Peters is the only store couples need to bring joyous light to any occasion. For information on the products and services offered by Gerald Peters, please call the showroom directly at (718) 477-4000.