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Wedding Bands

A couple stands at the altar during their wedding ceremony.
Characteristics of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are romantic and marvelous accessories. They signal love, commitment, and maturity; they are uniquely symbolic items meant to be worn for a lifetime. Their stylistic diversity allows anyone to find a piece that expresses their special love story. From unadorned minimalism to extravagant eternity rings, there’s something for everyone. At Gerald Peters, we stock our sublime showroom with a plethora of attractive wedding bands to ensure that every Staten Island couple finds a ring to fall in love with, no matter their tastes. Discover something perfect online or in person today.

A women’s wedding band leans against a men’s wedding band on a mossy tree branch.
Popular Wedding Bands Designers

California-based brand, TACORI, is a distinctive designer with a penchant for intricate, stylish jewelry. Their wedding bands always exhibit TACORI’s signature detailed metalwork plus extravagant and unique looks. Some of their bands even feature colorful gemstones, especially blue sapphires. Others have a slick and shapely style, evoking memories of vintage glamor. Meanwhile, Shy Creation is a designer specializing in women’s wedding bands. Made for women and designed by women, their bands are high-quality and stunning. Slender shapes and diamond details elevate these enchanting rings, as do their mesmerizing and complex silhouettes.

A married couple holds hands while showing off their wedding bands.
Additional Popular Wedding Band Designers

A.JAFFE creates a rich variety of sophisticated and elegant wedding bands ranging from the sleek and contemporary to the romantic and vintage. Some of their bands have irregular and eccentric silhouettes, while others feature spectacularly brilliant diamond florals. A few of these luxurious bands even exhibit diamond halos. Doing so allows for a peerlessly radiant chic. We offer our own Gerald Peters wedding bands, carefully crafted by our team of expert goldsmiths. Sporting plenty of delightful and dazzling diamonds, these bands are attractive and stunning. Gabriel & Co. is another exceptional brand, highly esteemed for their enchanting and eye-catching bridal jewelry.

A newly-wed couple sits on a bench by the lake at a park and celebrate with a kiss.
Discover Wedding Bands at Gerald Peters

Gerald Peters is Staten Island’s home for fine bridal jewelry. Our marvelous selection of extraordinary engagement rings and wedding bands ensures that every New York couple can find something romantic and meaningful at our Staten Island jewelry store. In addition to selling accessories, we offer jewelry repair, appraisals, and other essential jewelry services. These services are conducted by only the most trustworthy and skilled professionals, ensuring that all of your favorite jewelry lasts forever. Want to know more about our phenomenal wedding bands? Call (718) 477-4000 or email to speak with a team member.