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Marquise Cut Rings

Characteristics of Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

The marquise cut, named after the delicate lips of 18th-century French court's Marquise de Pompadour, embodies history and fashion. This elongated cut, characterized by pointed ends, creates an illusion of greater size, enhancing the diamond's brilliance and wearer's finger length. It's a perfect choice for those who value uniqueness and history. At Gerald Peters, we proudly showcase a stunning selection of marquise engagement rings by some of the industry’s finest designers, each one capturing the charm of this exquisite cut, to help you manifest your love story in the most memorable way.

Popular Marquise Cut Rings

As a model of superior craftsmanship, style, and ethical sourcing, Sylvie is a widely beloved designer of bridal jewelry. Their halo marquise engagement rings exude timeless drama with a modern twist. The central marquise diamond, enveloped by a radiant halo, significantly magnifies the stone's brilliance. The intricate design crafted by Sylvie reflects their commitment to creating exceptional pieces that endure the test of time. For those seeking a fusion of vintage charm and contemporary grace, Sylvie's halo marquise rings provide the perfect balance. Experience Sylvie's illustrious legacy in our selection at Gerald Peters, where we celebrate your unique love stories.

Renowned for their handcrafted designs inspired by European style and Californian cool, TACORI offers an impressive selection of marquise cut rings at Gerald Peters. TACORI’s marquise rings reflect the brand’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design. Each marquise diamond, striking with its pointed ends and elongated shape, is nestled in TACORI’s iconic crescent silhouette setting, infusing a distinctive style to traditional elegance. Those who appreciate detailed designs and old-world artistry would fall in love with TACORI’s unique marquise offerings. Explore TACORI’s exquisite marquise rings at Gerald Peters, where we strive to capture your love in precious jewels.

Discover Marquise Cut Diamond Rings at Gerald Peters

Whether you’re looking to pop the question or elevate your look, dive into the world of marquise cut diamond rings at Gerald Peters, where we bring you an extraordinary selection from renowned brands. Our Staten Island jewelry store is a treasure trove of elegance and quality, waiting for you to explore. We'd love to guide you through your journey of selecting the perfect engagement ring, answering all your questions, and providing insightful advice. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Let us help you discover the marquise ring that truly embodies your love story, only at Gerald Peters.