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Pair of gold and topaz drop earrings alongside a fashion ring.
Characteristics of TACORI

Founded by Haig TACORIan and his wife Gilda in 1969, TACORI has made its stellar reputation by merging European craftsmanship with modern American trends for a truly captivating luxury jewelry experience. Each fine jewelry piece is crafted by hand in their highly advanced Southern California design studio, where master artisans meticulously ensure that every piece of jewelry is immaculate in quality and shine. TACORI has created a legacy of unparalleled excellence with their designs, detailed with their signature crescent silhouette and interlocking half-moon arcs that are popular among their engagement ring and wedding ring designs.

Hand holding up a side stone engagement ring.
TACORI Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

TACORI is a luxury jewelry brand well-known for its exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands. Their engagement rings are crafted with the finest quality materials, including diamonds, sapphires, and other precious gemstones. The signature crescent design sets the brand’s engagement rings apart, which imbues the side profile with the top half of a heart. This unique design element adds a touch of romance to each piece and has become a hallmark of TACORI's engagement rings. TACORI wedding bands are equally stunning, featuring styles ranging from contemporary and modern to vintage and floral. Their wedding bands are available in various materials, including platinum and rose gold, ensuring that each piece is perfectly crafted.

Sterling silver and sapphire pendant.
Popular TACORI Fashion Jewelry

This reputable designer also offers a stunning collection of fashion jewelry. Their collection includes various pieces, such as fashion rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, all crafted with the finest quality materials and featuring unique design elements. TACORI often incorporates many gemstones, such as topaz, turquoise, and more, adding vibrant colors to each piece. Nature-inspired detail is a clear influence in all of their marvelous accessories.  Their fashion bracelets and earrings are also crafted with exceptional attention to detail with options ranging from simple and understated to ornate and intricate.

Sterling silver and labradorite fashion ring on a rock.
Shop TACORI at Gerald Peters Jewelers

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