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2012/2013 Top Fashion Trends/Hearts On Fire

November 12th, 2013

In 2011, the jewelry trends we saw on the runway and in stores showcased big, bold and chunky designs. While those items have not necessarily gone away (see trends below about big bracelets and stacking diamond rings), in 2012, the top five jewelry trends are more about classic pieces. These are also expected to carry over into 2013, so now might be the time to invest in a few new pieces of diamond jewelry for your wardrobe.


The Fall Runway of 2011 definitely brought florals back to fashion clothing lines. Now, that same trend is hitting the jewelry world as well and in 2012 you are sure to see more jewelry designs inspired by flowers. Diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more now feature petals, buds and full floral arrangements, so be sure to select your favorite flower design - such as the Garden Flower Earrings and necklace - this season.

Lots of Rings

No matter whether it's one large ring, or 3-5 stacked on the same finger, diamond rings are a jewelry item that you will see everywhere this year. It's even acceptable now to wear large, bold pieces with more understated outfits, or to mix and match designs, metal colors and materials. The new line of Hearts On Fire stackable rings give you this option and more.

Big Bracelets

The best part of this trend is that there are no limits to how bold or big your bracelet is. Similar to the trend of rings, choose to go for one large cuff, or stack layers of smaller bracelets to achieve the same look…and don't be afraid to go bold and flashy. Not sure where to look? The new Illa and Copley collections have perfect designs, including large bracelets and cuffs, for this trend.


While a classic item such as crosses never truly goes away, it is definitely making a comeback in 2012. There are no rules to what your cross should look like - they can be small, big, bold, colorful, simple or dainty. The most common place to wear a cross is in a necklace design, but all types of crosses have been seen on the Runway this year. Go simple with a necklace like the Petite Cross Pendant, or for a more modern look, choose the Fairy Tale Cross Pendant.


Jewels that are created in shapes and unique designs are one of the biggest trends for late 2012 and into 2013. Whether they are squares, diamonds, teardrops, stars… you can't go wrong with whatever shape is your personal favorite. Stars and constellation themes are especially beautiful and versatile, like the pieces in our new Illa Collection. Be sure to adhere to this latest trend as it is expected to continue to pick up as we head into the future!

*Article is by Hearts On Fire?