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5 Wacky, Interesting Proposals

June 30th, 2014

bigstock-Boyfriend-proposing-to-girlfri-27198539Many people get engaged to their loved ones during the summer. Here are some wacky, fun, heart-melting ways that people haveproposed to their significant other.

  1. Advertisement in the local paper

A man once took his girlfriend out for a picnic on what seemed to be like any other day, but this was special. He published a page in the local paper saying "Will You Marry Me", and got her to read it as he was bent down on one knee.

  1. Biker stops traffic for love

A young man stopped traffic on a busy highway with his gang of 300 bikers to propose to his girlfriend. When the bikers rode off, they released pink exhaust fumes which was illegal but worth it.

  1. Cinema proposal

Once, a guy convinced his girlfriend to go to the movies one day. While they were waiting for the movie to start, a trailer was played on screen of

him proposing to her. After the trailer he got down on his knee in front of the crowd.

  1. Have you seen her?

A gentleman took his girlfriend out and had a billboard rented in Times Square saying "Have you seen this woman". The advertisement started to build a

crowd and that's when he proposed to her.

  1. Halftime show

One night a man brought his girlfriend to a basketball game. During the halftime

show, he told her that he was going to the snack stand, but instead he went on

the court while it was dark. When the lights came back on the cheerleaders were holding up a sign saying "Will you marry me" while he got down on one knee.