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Alex and Ani's New Fall Collection

September 9th, 2014

EdensThe new fall collection by Alex and Ani "Edens Equinox" has arrived at Gerald Peters Gold Mine. Celebrate the season of fall with beautiful charm and beaded bracelets that balance the darkness and light of Autumn Equinox. This collection of beauty and potential of Eden inspires the individual to flourish in daylight and at night. Influenced by the Earth's continuous harmony of color, light and time, the Eden's Equinox Collection allows the wearer to go within to find an ideal equilibrium. Stop by Gerald Peters Gold Mine and embrace the fall season with a gift from Alex and Ani.

Pieces within this collection include:

Constellation Wire Bangle: This gorgeous bangle was inspired by the beliefs that the stars were created
in bronze. The beads of the beautiful Constellation Expandable Wire Bangle feature enhanced curved lines, reminiscent of the whirling heavens.

Luminary Expandable Wire Bangle: A luminary is a heavenly body or a person of prominence and brilliant achievement. The stars of the night sky are luminaries that shine and guide the paths of those on earth, just as their human counterparts guide and enlighten those around them. The Luminary Bangles come in a variety of different colors.

Glade Expandable Wire Bangle: A clearing in the heart of a forest, a glade is symbolic of the open-ended, limitless potential in our lives. Opportunities present themselves as clearings in the chaos. Embrace these possibilities with the Glade Expandable Wire Bangle. The Glade Expandable Wire Bangles come in a variety of different colors.

Eden Expandable Wire Bangle: A place of abundance and innocence, the Garden of Eden is an ideal setting that biblically marks the beginning of creation. With a subtle beauty that is inspired by nature's palette, and small crystalline rings for a touch of divine beauty, the Eden Beaded Bangle is a reminder of our connection to nature as everything comes from and goes back to the Earth.

For more information about Alex and Ani products, stop by Gerald Peter's Gold Mine. We will help you with any questions or concerns!