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All About Rose Gold

April 11th, 2018

Spring has sprung and rose gold is in full bloom! With this beautiful color seemingly everywhere, you've probably wondered—what exactly is rose gold?

According to Sotheby's, rose gold made its first appearance in 19th century Europe in the form of Faberg Eggs, which were beautiful and ornate creations owned mostly by royalty. It quickly became popular around the world and rose to extreme popularity in the 1920's when Cartier began incorporating the metal into some of its world famous designs. Today, rose gold embodies a sort of understated elegance and is widely popular in the jewelry and fashion worlds.

So we know rose gold is incredibly beautiful, but what exactly is it? Gold on its own is a very soft metal, so the gold we wear is mixed with other metals—called alloys—to make it strong enough to be worn. On its own, gold is naturally yellow in color so to create white and rose gold, different alloys are used to create these tones. Rose gold gets its unique pink hue because the gold is mixed with copper, which on its own has a reddish-orange hue.

One of the great things about rose gold is how durable it is. Copper is a stronger metal than typical gold alloys, making rose gold a sturdier metal than its yellow and white counterparts. Additionally, rose gold does not fade in color and requires less maintenance over time compared to white gold, which needs to be re-dipped every few years to keep its bright white tone.

Rose gold is a universally flattering color and looks great on both ladies and men, making it a very popular choice for wedding rings, as well as a great color for watches and fashion jewelry.

Here's a look at some of our favorite rose gold pieces:


  • TACORI Classic Crescent engagement ring
  • Why we love it: We don't need to remind you just how stunning TACORI rings are—they speak for themselves in terms of design and elegance. We especially love the rose gold look because it really highlights all the stunning detail work in the ring and looks beautiful on all different skin tones.


  • Michele Deco
  • Why we love it: We love the combination of rose and white metals together and is a great way to incorporate both your rose gold and silver accessories together in one look.


  • Alex and Ani bangles
  • Why we love it: With a selection of different symbols and meanings, these bangles are a great way to add some rose gold to your look and look great on their own or in a stack.


  • Gerald Peters collection bar necklace
  • Why we love it: This simple and classy necklace is a great way to incorporate rose gold into your wardrobe. Also fully customizable, the bar can be engraved with initials or a date, and can have a diamond or one of any number of color stones added to compliment gold tone.