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Elizabeth & Alex: The Work Hard, Play Hard Couple

May 3rd, 2021

The beginning: Alex and Liz went to the same high school. Liz is one year older than Alex so, at one point, they probably crossed paths in the hallways of St. John?s. However, it wasn?t until October of 2018 that Liz and Alex were actually introduced. They were both at a bar in Babylon called Horace and Slyvia?s, when Liz ran into a bunch of old friends that she hadn?t seen since high school. She greeted everyone with a big hug but stopped when she got to Alex and said ?I?m sorry. I don?t know you. My name?s Liz. Where did you go to high school?? He looked at her, a little despondently. In his guy group chat, he texted ?Liz Spiller didn?t know I went to St. John the Baptist - I?m going to go jump off a bridge now.? This was the extent of their first post-high school encounter.

It wasn?t until the spring of 2019 that the two would meet again. On what is now referred to as ?Tequila Shot Night,? Liz and Alex became inseparable. Liz was with her friend Lauren at a bar called The Local when the bartender said to her, ?Hey, that guy down there (other end of the bar) wants to buy you a tequila shot.? Liz said, ?Before I looked over to see it was Alex sitting at the end of the bar, my friend Lauren said, ?make it two.? The rest was history.? The next day, Alex took Liz on their first date. They drank martinis, enjoyed some seafood, and there were casual moments of silence because they both work so hard, and were tired. Liz explained, ?That?s when I knew that there was something special there. We both were so relaxed and comfortable in the silence. No one felt the need to fill the space, but just appreciate the ambiance and company.? Alex knew there was something special there too. Right before Liz?s girls? trip to Italy in July 2019, Alex made sure to ?lock it down? and asked Liz to be his girlfriend. It was so easy for her to say yes.

Liz and Alex have been together for almost 2 years now and have grown to realize their many similarities. They are both really passionate about their careers and building a nice life, but they both love to have fun as well. Liz said, ?work hard, play hard, right!?? During the first year of their relationship, they both had major career milestones: Liz received a promotion to Lead Client Experience Manager at Movable Ink and Alex took a position as Clinical Director, building Lifestyle Physical Therapy from the ground up. Aside from work, Alex and Liz share a love of beaches and tropical locations. Their first vacation together was to Antigua, and it was perfect. Although the couple will go anywhere with clear blue water and be happy as clams, their favorite thing to do together is take Alex?s truck to the drive-on beach on Long Island (either West Gilgo, Sore Thumb or Democrat Point). They are very serious about their beach setup - Jimmy Buffet flags, cornhole, tassel palm tree umbrellas, Tommy Bahama beach chairs, Yeti coolers, Coronas and Casamigos, grills, floats, you name it. They truly bring the party to the beach. Liz told me ?It?s our happy place.?

The Perfect Proposal, according to Liz: ?I HAD NO IDEA! We were in Aruba for my 30th Birthday present, or so I thought! We had conversations in the past that I knew he was serious about a future with me, but it?s funny. I always like to tease Alex. We were talking about proposals one night a few months before Aruba - I said to him ?You would never have the guts to do it in another country.? Well, I guess that challenge was accepted!

This was our first vacation a year after the pandemic, so I think in general we were so excited but also nervous with all the safety restrictions we made to comply with traveling outside of the country. Alex proposed on our first full day of our vacation in Aruba. He was sort of being distant the whole day, but honestly, I was so relaxed and happy to be in the sun, on the beach with a drink in my hand, nothing could bother me.

I can?t believe how much planning went into the whole thing. He did it on Valentine's Day, and he didn?t get me anything. He just kept saying ?I got a nice cabana table on the beach and we are going to have a really nice dinner which will be your gift.? I almost wore this horrible red jumpsuit that I can?t believe stained right before we were about to leave for diner. I switched outfits, thank God! We were sitting at the table when a lady came over and said, ?hi with dinner and the cabana on Valentine?s Day, I?m here to take two free pics - one of you both at the table and one on the beach.? Best part: I told her ?NO THANK YOU, I don?t like photo shoots.? Alex was like ?come on, I think we should do it. It?s nice. Look at that backdrop.? The photographer took our photo at the table, then one on the beach. As she went to take the picture with the ocean as our background, Alex looked at me with a smirk and said, ?Are you ready for this?? as he got down on one knee, he asked, ?will you marry me?? It was super cute - I was in shock and of course said ?ARE YOUR SERIOUS?! YES? as the people at dinner and the beach clapped and cheered. I couldn?t believe he did it in Aruba; it was magical and perfect. As we sat back down just me and him- he told me all the things he wanted to say before he took a knee but wanted to tell me privately. It was so genuine and sweet, and I knew I found my soulmate - the way he loves me and talks about our future is something I?ve always prayed for.

So many funny things happened in hindsight. Because he knows I?m all about my vacation outfits, he?s like ?how do I look?? On our walk over to the table. I said ?I don?t know. I look like I?m on vacation on an island and you look like you are going to a wedding.? He also got his bag (the one the ring was in) searched at the airport by security. Poor Alex thought he would have to propose to me at JFK airport.?

The ring: Liz explained that she always wanted an oval, classic, elegant ring, and that Alex and Pete here at Gerald Peters, ?hooked a sister up.? She said, ?It?s the most gorgeous ring I?ve ever seen. When it hit the sun in Aruba with the ocean in the background, I felt so lucky!?

The future: Liz and Alex just celebrated their engagement with their families, and they will begin wedding planning very soon. They are looking to book a venue on the Northfork of Long Island for the Summer of 2022. Will it be a beach wedding too? Only time will tell, but here at Gerald Peters, we couldn't be more excited for the two of you! Happy planning!