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Endless Jewelry Collection at Gerald Peters

April 18th, 2015

The Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless has arrived at Gerald Peters, and it is a collection unlike any other. It's the newest and latest in jewelry design, and the experts at Gerald Peters will help you select the pieces that best suit your style.

Edgy and bold, or classic and chic; there are countless options as to how you could layer up your Endless bracelets. Designed in leather, this bracelet comes in a choice of twelve different colors. To embellish your bracelet(s), there is a large selection of 450 types of charms that are available in either gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

With such a fabulously large selection of bracelets and charms, you will have a multitude of ways to express your sense of style and you'll look like a celebrity doing so! Be sure to inquire about this lovely new collection at Gerald Peters, and give us a call at (718) 477-4000 for more information.