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Engagement Ring Buying Tips

September 15th, 2022

Buying an engagement ring is a journey. From reading articles to purchasing the piece in-store, much of the process involves thought and time. It takes many hours to find the perfect symbol of your love. That?s for good reason: engagement rings are made to be worn forever. Their spectacular beauty is flashy, glamorous, and valuable. For many, donning one for the first time is a milestone in and of itself. Our professional tips from our team at Gerald Peters should definitely be considered when looking for an engagement ring.

Ring Size

No matter what ring you choose to purchase, make sure to find one that fits. Every finger has a different ring size. As such, it?s essential to get an accurate measurement. If a ring is too loose, then it can fall off easily or slide around too much. Should the item be too tight, it can cut off circulation if it is even wearable in the first place.

To get a good measurement, it?s best to have a professional jeweler do it. They have the tools and expertise to guarantee an accurate sizing. If you want to do it yourself, simply grab a tape measure and wrap it around your ring finger. Mark it where the tape meets and correspond it to a size chart.

Finding Favorites

Not everyone has a strong opinion on engagement rings. If this is the case, then it?s imperative to explore jewelry and learn all of the options available. What kind of colors and styles do you prefer? Is understated elegance a favorite, or is feminine power preferable? Whatever you choose, explore precious metals, gem cuts, and settings.

For those who enjoy sophisticated bright colors, white gold is an exceptional choice. People who are thrilled by regal color and daring may fall head over heels for rose gold. Appreciators of vintage style will love an oval cut diamond with a halo setting. There?s no end to the options available.

Browse Online, Shop In Person

It?s a great idea to browse online and explore a jewelry store?s inventory. It?s convenient, effortless, and quick. However, you should not buy anything without seeing it in the store. This is because rings have a look that cannot be seen on the screen. A diamond?s dazzling light simply cannot be observed correctly on a cellphone or laptop; only when rocked back and forth in the light can its beauty be truly appreciated.

Details like split shank bands and bezel settings are best seen in person as well. The interplay of light and shadow is an important feature of every piece, only visible in the physical realm. While you?re there, make sure to get your finger sized, too.

Discover Engagement Rings at Gerald Peters

Gerald Peters has been offering the finest engagement rings to Staten Island since 1982. Ever since our creation, we have taken pride in being purveyors of the best engagement rings and wedding bands to the iconic Empire State. With our brilliant team of experts and professionals, you are guaranteed to have the ultimate shopping experience. Have questions? Call us at (718) 477-4000 or email us at for all of the answers.