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Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

July 29th, 2014

Nowadays, engagement rings are being considered an old treasure. A large number of Millennials are choosing classic diamond rings, from a family member or bought from an antique seller.

The popularity of classic rings has been on the rise for centuries. Recently, a large number of couples have spent thousands on new engagement rings. To accommodate the vintage style, many ring brands have designed vintage looking rings for couples.

Colored Gemstone Ring

Celebrities including Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley and many others have a beautiful sapphire as their engagement ring. Ever since celebrities have been spotted wearing them, there has been a surge in sales for colored gemstone engagement rings. Today, couples are searching for gemstones of any color and variety. Sapphires and rubies are considered the most popular and recommended gemstone for engagement ring. This is not just because of their beautiful lively colors, but because these stones are exceptionally sturdy and scratch-resistant.

The Halo Ring

The Halo ring has been making a big push in the last few years. Halo ring designs make a gorgeous, vintage look that highlights any size center diamond. The smaller diamonds encloses the center diamond stone to create a beautiful look of fashion, drama and classic elegance. The halo has the effect of creating the center stone appear larger and more noticeable, making it a great choice for couples who seek a smaller center stone on a budget.

Halo rings have many great benefits including that it can easily be combined with an assortment of cuts and stones. Connecting two of the most popular trends, cushion cut halos are exceptionally popular and halos that contain colored gemstones or diamonds as the center piece.

Floral Themed ring

Floral-themed jewelry is circulating through the fashion world today. Floral-themed rings are known for their femininity, elegance and uniqueness that flower lovers enjoy. If you're not a fan of flower engagement rings but still like the nature look, search for designs containing leave vines or wood lines that are appearing on ring bands nowadays. Many of these rings are also eco-friendly and made of recycled metal.

The Cushion-Cut Ring

The cushion cut engagement ring is considered a romantic, almost dreamy style. Couples can select from two basic settings: the modified cushion brilliant which contains patterns resembling of crushed ice. The cushion cut, contains more visible facets that gives it a traditional look.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings never go out of style, but they recently made a comeback. More women are looking for simple settings with a main focus on just the gorgeous center diamond. Woman who are interested in the solitaire setting but want more sparkle are now wearing diamond bands with a large solitaire center.

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