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Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends 2020

October 15th, 2020

fall fashion jewelry trends

Ditch the swimsuit and flip flops for clothing that can withstand the brisk fall weather. Now that summer is over, it's time to pack up the bright and bold jewelry and bring out those subtle statement pieces that can breathe new life into your wardrobe. While you can?t control the weather, you can stay on top of the latest fall fashion jewelry trends to stay inspired and confident this season.

Do the Twist

One of the hottest fall fashion jewelry trends this year are twisted fashion rings, especially if they feature textured bands mixed with smooth. Fall jewelry pieces tend to come in subdued forms and structures. The twisted fashion ring trend keeps your style minimal but adds a dynamic twist to your accessories.

Gabriel & Co.'s twisted fashion rings come in a variety of metal options, including mixed-metal options. Choose pieces in 14K yellow or white gold. Some feature radiant gemstones. Twisted, braided, woven, and knotted. Each distinctive piece has a unique shape. Rope-like textures can pair perfectly with the thick and timeless knits featuring many colors, patterns, and textures.

woman with leaves

Become One With Nature

Leaf-inspired jewelry is synonymous with fall, especially when it comes in subtle tones that match the warm and earthy colors of the season. While fall earrings may come in subdued hues, you can still make a statement. Shop oversized and unique shapes this fall to turn heads on the street or at the pumpkin patch.

Gabriel & Co.?s Lusso Collection has an assortment of sparkling and elegant jewelry to complement your heavy coats and knitted sweaters. Shop floral pave diamond stud earrings or the wide selection of teardrop-shaped drop earrings that resemble a falling leaf. The Lusso Collection caters to minimalist and daring ensembles for any occasion.

Diamond Necklines

In certain areas, a scarf is a necessity during the fall and winter seasons. However, they can make wearing a necklace extra difficult. A long necklace under a scarf can offer a pop of color and texture to your fall attire. Since the chain may be covered, a showstopping pendant is a must-have. A diamond circle necklace pendant is right on trend this season.

Frederic Sage?s line of diamond necklaces offers you a wide array of styles to choose from.

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Moody & Mysterious

Remember mood rings? Well, they're sort of back in style this fall season. Instead of revealing your true emotions, these updated moody gemstone pieces allow you to express yourself through striking hues and designs. Let everyone know how you?re truly feeling under all those layers.

If you?re looking for versatility this season, opt for Onyx and Chalcedony gemstones to light up your fingers. Chalcedony is a silver, milky, and brilliant stone that comes in a variety of colors. For a dark and mysterious vibe, choose Onyx jewelry. If you're feeling extra bold, pair Onyx and Chalcedony to create a striking contrast.

Get Ready for Fall with Gerald Peters

Ready to round out your fall jewelry collection? Stop by Gerald Peters in Staten Island, New York for an extensive selection of trending jewelry styles. Shop pieces from popular designers including Frederic Sage, TACORI, Gabriel & Co., and more. For more information about our products and services, give us a call at (718) 477-4000 or send us an email at