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Holiday Gift Guide For Her

December 11th, 2015

Ah, the holiday season… it crept up on us before we even had a chance to process the fact that summer even came -let alone left! Now it's time to scurry around again, going crazy trying to find the perfect gift for the people who matter most to us. It's really not an easy task. What we did, though, was make this a million times easier for you by bringing down your possible gift ideas from endless to a simple five. Come on, five is so much easier to choose from. And ladies, don't be afraid to "accidentally" forward to him this guide as a friendly nudge…

These are the five best gift ideas she will definitely love (so you don't even have to worry about a gift receipt…):



Michele has really been one of the strongest trailblazers in the watch industry over the last few years, and this year is no different. It is one of the hottest names in designer fashion watches for women. Michele watches combine luxury with glamorous style to capture the vibrant Miami lifestyle. Feminine, elegant and charmingly petite, the new Serein 12 Diamond captures the imagination with a beautifully curved, diamond-embellished case. Roman numerals and the signature Michele logo add the finishing touches. The stainless steel bracelet is interchangeable with any 12mm Michele strap, making it the perfect watch for any style, season and woman.


Swoon. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. You know this. Hearts on Fire prides itself on being "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond," and we have to support that claim. Leave her a best friend in a beautiful little, blue box under the tree this year. Hearts on Fire diamonds really are stunning and like no other. The Hearts on Fire Fulfillment is the signature Hearts on Fire look. Having that beautiful cluster of diamonds around your neck or on your ears is really all you need to turn a casual look extraordinarily glamorous. Believe us, you can't go wrong with any Hearts On Fire piece, and especially not a Fulfillment. Give the woman who sparkles in your life the sparkiest piece of jewelry you can buy. Give her a Hearts On Fire Fulfillment.




Now that we have reminded you that all women love diamonds, may we bring up another thing women love? Chocolate. Why not win this holiday season by combining the two?! Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds are not only breathtaking, but also look good enough to eat. You definitely cannot eat them, but Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds were inspired by the brand owner's craving for chocolate. Aside from the delicious flavor of the finest chocolate, LeVian was intrigued by the magical qualities and health benefits of chocolate as well as others who desired chocolate -connoisseurs of chocolate with their deep appreciation of the splendor, flavor and intensity of the most delicious chocolates in the world. It is LeVian's personal experience and understanding of the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, the obsession to chocolates that millions, most likely billions, around the world enjoy, that inspired the brand name, Chocolate Diamonds, chosen to represent the same emotional connection and passion that a chocolate enthusiast possesses. How perfect? These gorgeous chocolate diamonds are part of the less than 5% of the beautiful and rare naturally brown diamonds. She needs a Le Vian piece asap.


Pearls are back. No longer are they considered old-fashioned and for your grandmother only. Many brands are reinventing pearls for the young, modern woman. Kate Middleton wears pearls. Sarah Jessica Parker wears pearls. Angelina Jolie wears pearls. The elegant woman in your life needs a beautiful set of pearls, too. Mikimoto is the foremost producer of the finest quality cultured pearls and a world leader in the design of exceptional jewelry. The Mikimoto name is synonymous with superior quality at every stage, from the selection of finest materials to expert workmanship to our customer service commitment. Each beautiful piece reflects supreme dedication, passion and care. For today's connoisseur of fine jewelry, Mikimoto combines timeless elegance with sophisticated, modern design. To own Mikimoto is a unique and luxurious pleasure. To wear Mikimoto is to reflect the purity of the ocean… the mystery of creation… and to know you are adorned with the finest cultured pearls in the world. Give her Mikimoto this holiday… she deserves it.




Is she glamorous? Is she bold? Is she one of a kind? Then she's a TACORI girl. TACORI jewelry invites the story of what dream is being fulfilled. Whatever your dream is, TACORI invites you to dream big with them. So much more than a piece of jewelry, TACORI jewelry is a fashionable and gorgeous expression of personal style. TACORI is inspired by the spirit of California. Ingrained in the TACORI roots is the belief that anything is possible. It takes both exquisite artistry and precise science to create a TACORI design. Every facet of these dramatically beautiful pieces reflects the passion of the TACORI family for creating beautiful heirlooms to be treasured for generations. This extra attention to detail, personal craftsmanship, and stunning beauty, which transforms each TACORI design into a unique work of art, is known as the TACORI Touch. Let her dream big -while looking gorgeous- with a TACORI piece.