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How to Choose the Perfect Time to Propose

December 14th, 2022

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You have officially found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Next you need to figure out the right time and way to propose to them in hopes they say, “Yes!” Keep in mind that the average couple is engaged for about 15 months. If you already have an idea of your future wedding date or season, you would ideally want to pop the question at least a year ahead to ensure you and your partner have plenty of time to plan your dream wedding. Even with this taken into consideration, selecting the suitable time to propose can still be a challenge. There is no wrong answer to when you should propose, but these tips from our experts at Gerald Peters can help inspire you.

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Choose a Date Significant to You

Important milestone anniversaries make great dates to propose on because the day is already romantic and celebratory. Choose the date you met, the date you began dating, or any other date that is meaningful to you and your significant other. Also, planning your proposal for an anniversary can help cut down on the classic mishap often seen in romantic-comedies where one partner completely forgets about the celebratory nature of the day.

You can also choose a day that is symbolic to you. Did you admire your late grandparents’ love? Propose to your beloved on their wedding anniversary as a special reminder of their relationship. 

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Celebrate the Holidays in a Special Way

Similar to proposing on a milestone anniversary, the holidays are already celebratory, and, as an added bonus, you’ll likely be surrounded by family members and close friends. Because of the convenience of these dates, holidays are among the most popular times to propose to your significant other. 

What could be more romantic than starting this new chapter in your lives by popping the question as the ball drops on New Years’ Eve? Or, if a more tranquil environment is more your style, you could celebrate your love by proposing at an exquisite Valentine’s Day dinner. 

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Start a New Chapter with a New Memory

Major life events are also a favored time to propose. If your partner is about to graduate college or if you were just hired onto your dream job, this may be the perfect time to pop the question. Starting this new chapter of your lives by making a promise of commitment to each other makes the celebration even more special and memorable. 

Also, family members are usually present to celebrate these events with you and your true love, making it an opportune moment to propose. If you prefer a more intimate and personal moment between just the two of you, there will be plenty of opportunities for that as well.

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Take Your Lover by Surprise

Sometimes, your significant other is almost impossible to surprise, especially if they are already aware that you plan to pop the question soon. In these instances, consider catching your partner off-guard and proposing on a regular day. For this to work, take note of when your beloved is the most stressed due to work or personal reasons and avoid planning this exceptionally special outing on these days. Weekends are ideal because of the relaxed nature around these days.

May and June are two of the most popular months to propose, as the weather tends to be the most pleasant in the New York area. Surprise your partner with an out-of-the-blue romantic date at a site that is meaningful to your relationship, whether it is the place you first met or the location of your first date. Or, plan a refreshing date that crosses an item off you or your partner’s bucket list. You have all the creative freedom here to astonish your darling.

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