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Jennifer & Alex: The Valentine's Day Proposal

February 28th, 2019

The Perfect Proposal Jennifer & Alex, February 2019

The beginning: Jennifer and Alex met as teenagers through mutual friends and though they dated shortly, it would be ten years before their paths crossed again. Jennifer was on her lunch break at her new nursing job in Brooklyn and was craving a slice of pizza. So, after searching for a nearby pizzeria, she made her way down the block. To her surprise, Alex was standing behind the pizzeria counter, and he explained to her that the pizzeria had been a family business at that location for almost twenty years. A few dates and free chicken rolls later, Jennifer was hooked! Currently, Alex maintains the day-to-day business operations of the pizzeria as a full-time job while consistently being a constant encourager for Jennifer and her nursing career. In fact, Jennifer has been granted a nationally recognized award for providing exceptional nursing care to her patients, has started a graduate program to obtain her Masters in Nursing Education, and has been promoted to a Senior Staff Nurse. Outside of their busy work schedules, the two have been dubbed the "activity couple" of their friends, always doing something fun together. Over the past two years, Alex and Jennifer have traveled to places like Montego Bay, Boston, the Poconos, Cancun, the Catskills, and they have even gone to Maine in search of the best lobster roll! In fact, they're so active that they find themselves making recommendations on things to do and places to see for their friends. They've visited museums of all types, swam in an underwater cave together, visited ancient ruins, bet on horses at the track, camped outside in the mountains, gone to beautiful aquariums & zoos, took archery classes, seen music concerts and Broadway shows, and tried their luck at the casino tables - just to name a few!

The Perfect Proposal, according to Jennifer: "Alex and I had talked about our future plans together and we both knew that getting engaged was the next step in our relationship. Me being the ?particular' person that I am, wanted to help pick out my ring. Having known Gerald for a long time and knowing about Gerald Peters' commitment to excellence, I knew they were the right jeweler for the job. After a wonderful experience with Gerald and Ricky, Alex and I found the perfect diamond ring! To leave some element of surprise, I would have no idea when or how Alex would propose. A few months, romantic dinners, and holidays went by with no proposal. Waiting patiently and wondering, I thought Valentine's Day must be the day! I was starting to get anxious. My thoughts raced between, ?No, it's too clich? on Valentine's Day' and ?it's such a romantic day, when would be a more perfect time?' (In spite of my doubts I still made sure to get the perfect manicure the day before). Valentine's Day arrived and it was my time to search for clues! Knowing how shy and nervous Alex can be at times, I was sure that I could read him like a book. We spent that morning together relaxing and looking forward to cooking an intimate dinner later that evening, followed by a couple's painting class. We parted ways in the afternoon so that I could get ready for our night together while Alex said he was ?going to do his thing.' What does this mean? What thing? I suddenly imagined walking into his house to an array of rose petals, candles, and balloons where he would ?pop the question.' When Alex picked me up and took me back to his place there were no flowers, candles, or ring in sight. Trying to remain positive, we cooked a delicious Italian dinner and prepared for our class. Alex was cool as a cucumber and showed no signs of being nervous. I started to get disappointed as we made our way to the painting class because I know that Alex gets stage fright and would never propose to me in a room full of strangers. I thought to myself, ?Well today wasn't the big day but my nails sure do look great!' We spent the class painting together, drinking wine, and having fun with the other couples that were there. When everyone was finished, the instructors offered to take pictures of each couple in front of the class with their painting. As Alex and I stepped onto the stage, in the bright lights to take our photo, he took a moment to put down the painting he just spent two hours on and pulled one out that was hiding behind a nearby desk. He held up the colorful painting of a man proposing to a woman before a giant moon which read, ?Will You Marry Me?' With shock and excitement I said, ?Of course I will marry you!' Alex got down on one knee in front of the whole class and presented me with the most beautiful ring that I had been waiting for! It was such a surreal moment and a memory that I will cherish forever."

The ring: Jennifer's ring is a White Gold A. Jaffe setting with a hidden halo and diamonds along the band, set with a gorgeous Cushion Cut diamond. Jennifer and Alex had a specific type of diamond in mind and expressed this to Gerald and Ricky, who searched through many diamonds to find the couple their perfect stone. Jennifer says "The ring fits my sense of style perfectly as it is simple & classic. It is definitely a timeless ring that I am proud to show my family and friends!"

The future: The couple is excited to plan their wedding and celebrate their commitment to each other surrounded by close family and friends. Their vision for the wedding so far is rustic and vintage, but also romantic. Jennifer and Alex expressed that, no matter what, "good food is a must!" The two are planning an outdoor ceremony in the fall of 2020 at either a vineyard or an estate and are hoping for beautiful weather that day. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!