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Liza & Ernesto: The Central Park Proposal

October 6th, 2019

liza and ernesto proposalThe beginning: Erny and Liza were very young when they first met - only twelve years old. They often skateboarded at the local skate park, but they would just say "hello" in passing. For about two years, Erny and Liza were classmates. Even so, they knew very little of each other. Two years later, however, this unknowingness and ambiguity started to change. The pair began to spend a great amount of time together. In fact, they spent nearly every day together during the summer prior to entering high school. Erny and Liza realized that they had a lot in common, and that they enjoyed sharing these commonalities as friends. They loved working out together, attending karate classes, watching movies, and going to restaurants. The couple became "official" during their high school years, while simultaneously working hard to achieve their ultimate goal: getting accepted into their dream schools. It has been tough getting through medical school for Liza and for Erny, his accounting program. Through these challenging experiences, the couple has gained strength from each other. Liza stated that they "always stood by and supported each other, while growing up as individuals." Work hard, play hard though, right? Erny and Liza have seen their fair share of fun times, attending family events together, celebrating a number of birthdays, and traveling on multiple vacations.

couple proposing at the parkThe Perfect Proposal, according to Liza: "This year we decided we were both in a good place in terms of our academics paths and were ready to move forward and get engaged. I did not know exactly when Erny would propose, but I knew it was going to be soon. We made plans with friends to go to Central Park and have brunch nearby, which I did not initially think much of. However, Erny was expressing concern for what I would choose to wear, which was sounding a bit suspicious to me and so, I figured this was going to be the day and I was so incredibly excited. We strolled through Central Park with our friends and spent some time at a scenic area, taking pictures. While our friend was taking our picture, Erny told me some sweet, profound words and got down on one knee as he presented the beautiful ring he designed. It was the most perfect moment."

The ring: Erny selected a beautiful Yellow Gold setting. It is features pave set diamonds on the shank. The setting showcases a beautiful Oval shaped diamond. This ring is truly unique!

engagement ring for proposal

The future: Erny and Liza plan to have a simple and intimate ceremony with close family and friends. "We cannot wait to begin our lives as husband and wife!" Liza exclaimed. Congrats to the happy couple!

liza and erny wedding