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Meaghan & Andrew: The Hudson River Proposal

October 13th, 2020

The Perfect Proposal Meaghan & Andrew

The beginning: The story of this couple is one of young love, and it began 13 years ago at Gelinas Junior High School when Meaghan and Andrew (Drew) were in 7th grade. They belonged to a group of very close friends and hung out often. When Meaghan and Drew were about to start high school, the district hosted its annual ?9th Grade Dance.? Meaghan was standing at her locker after school with her softball bag in tote, when Drew walked up to her and asked if she?d like to go to the dance, ?just as friends.? The theme was ?Arabian Nights.? Meaghan said, ?I wore a Macy?s navy blue dress and my lovely Mother made me wear stockings (yes you read that correctly). Andrew wore an oversized tux engulfing his tiny teenage boy frame.? Meaghan and Drew had a great time with their friends, and vividly remember dancing together to Rihanna?s 2008 hit single ?Umbrella.? Meaghan?s best friend?s mother picked the group up from the dance and, to this day, she still remembers looking in the rearview mirror at Meaghan and Drew?s young faces. Little did she know that Meaghan was overwhelmed with emotions. She didn?t realize she felt that way about Drew and was wondering if he felt the same. Well, a few nights after the ?9th Grade Dance,? Meaghan?s question was answered, when Drew asked her to be his girlfriend. That night, they watched a movie with their friends, and Meaghan fell asleep on Drew?s shoulder. They have been together ever since, and all of the friends who were there on this very night, will also be there to celebrate the day that this couple says ?I do.?

For the past 11 years, Meaghan and Drew have been together. After graduating high school, Drew attended Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Carroll School of Business. Meaghan attended SUNY Oneonta in Oneonta, New York and graduated with a degree in Business and Economics. Post-graduation, Andrew?s job?s training program was stationed in Chicago, Illinois. This meant another additional year of a long-distance relationship while Meaghan started her career in New York City. Distance was no problem for this couple. In 2017 they moved into their first home, a studio apartment in the Financial District of Manhattan. Together, Meaghan and Drew have traveled to Sweden, Denmark, and Mexico, as well as Hawaii, Colorado, California, Texas, and a slew of other states. Drew taught Meghan how to ski, they went to their first NFL and NBA games together, and they even learned how to cook together - their specialty is tacos. They have managed to maintain friendships with their childhood friends, and to continue to make new friends, all while making their relationship their number one priority. It?s safe to say that what they?re doing works!

The Perfect Proposal, according to Meaghan: ?To give a brief background on why I did not have a good sense of when the proposal was going to occur, it?s because we have spent every hour together since March due to COVID. We went ring shopping only once to Gerald Peters in January of 2020 and never spoke about a ring again. This is especially because we were stressed with COVID AND traveled by car to Florida to live with Andrew?s parents for 4 months. I had full expectations of a proposal happening during our planned Greece trip in June of 2020 but due to obvious circumstances we cancelled our travel and itinerary. Upon returning back to New York City (4 months later at the end of July) I chatted with myself and accepted the fact that I would more than likely have to wait another year to be engaged to the love of life. Fortunately, enough, 2 weeks later, on Sunday, August 2nd, Drew asked me out for a dinner date that Thursday, August 6th. Now this is nothing out of the ordinary for us as we love to dine out in the city every other week. However, due to COVID restaurant regulations I was hesitant about this arrangement. Unfortunately, I had a very stressful week with work up until the hour before he proposed. I know Drew will deny this forever, but the whole week he was extremely lovey. At that hour before our scheduled reservation he begged me not to work out and get ready for dinner. I eventually listened and thankfully put on my new shirt that recently shipped and applied make up for the first time in months. As we were walking to the restaurant, I quickly noticed we were going in the completely wrong direction. Now for those who know me I have a decent sense of direction and was becoming very ?hangry? along this discoursed route - to the point where we were softly bickering in public. He finally said the words ?Meaghan I want to walk by the water please.? Now Drew is a very patient and sweet gentleman. When he said ?please? I knew something was up and I immediately texted my best friend (Katherine) that Drew was acting odd. For the remainder of our walk we kept silent as my stomach began to fill with butterflies. As funny as this seems, I was beyond confused with the probable outcome of this walk because there was no way he could have gotten a ring during our quarantine months. I kept telling myself this isn?t happening - it?s not possible. But Drew made it possible because all we ever wanted this year was to officially commit to spending the rest of our lives together. 

When we finally reached Wagner Park within Battery City Park, Downtown Manhattan I knew this was it. My favorite spot in all of Manhattan (the park as to why I wanted to move down here from Astoria, Queens) was about to become one of the most memorable locations of my life. Drew grabbed my hand, asked me to take my mask off and marry him! I completely blacked out, but the few words I did hear was Greece, Meaghan Ann Kristol, and I love you. All I wanted was to hug him. He got up from his knee and we hugged one another in front of a very large crowd. Luckily enough a man had a guitar and started serenading us. I could not have been more surprised and happier than this moment happening in the city we share together, alongside the Hudson River and skyline sunset...and I could not have been more ecstatic to marry my best friend since I was a teenager. We celebrated by calling all of our family members and ended off the night eating sushi and crushing a bottle of red wine at our favorite sushi place (SUteiShi) in Seaport District. We stayed up all night shaking with excitement and for the rest of the month of August we celebrated in person with all of our family members and friends!!!!!

The ring: The ring is a round diamond with a four prong, platinum band, and an open V basket. Meaghan said, ?He chose the most gorgeous ring!? The ring is a classic beauty that will never go out of style. 

The future: Meaghan and Drew are huge planners! When it comes to their career goals, they have many more they hope to achieve such as management and additional promotions. They also hope to eventually upgrade their living situation to a larger space in either Manhattan or a neighboring borough. For now, they?re enjoying finally being engaged after 11 years. Meaghan said that it has been ?an absolute blessing to celebrate this milestone in our lives surrounded by the people we love.? Still, Meaghan and Drew have been discussing their visions of what their wedding details will entail. These ideas include hosting an engagement party during the summer of 2021 in the backyard of Meaghan?s parents? home on Long Island with close relatives and friends. They're looking forward to their wedding either being on Long island or in Brooklyn or Queens, hopefully (COVID pending) in 2022/23. They are envisioning a charming rustic backdrop, colorful foliage, and either a sunny day or warm fireside glow - simple yet elegant. They want their wedding to be a day everyone will remember and cherish and one where they dance all night long! Here at Gerald Peters, we have no doubt that your vision will come true. Happy planning, and enjoy being engaged!