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Mother's Day 2015 Gift Ideas

April 26th, 2015

Merriam-Webster defines mother as "a female parent." This definition is in no way wrong, but since Gerald Peters is a family-run business, we here feel like the word mother means so much more. We had to keep searching. Finally, we found the perfect definition -and on Urban Dictionary, no less! A submitter on the site defined mother as "the woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else." We don't know who you are random Urban Dictionary poster, but we definitely agree with your definition. Where would we be without our mothers?!Mother's Day is May 10th, which means we have only two weeks to find the perfect gift or the woman who is basically the reason we're even on this earth. Pressure's on… this is no easy feat, but luckily, we've compiled a list of the top five perfect Mother's Day gift ideas to make it easier for you to get her just what she'll love!

1. Alex & Ani

Alex and Ani is first in our list of perfect Mother's Day gifts. What's so great about Alex and Ani is that each bangle is a symbolization of something special. You could do so much for your mother with Alex and Ani. Give her the "Mom" bangle to make her melt. Meaning "generosity", "heroism", and "love", it's the perfect description of a mother, and complements and matches perfectly with the "Because I Love You" bangle. What better way to express just what your mom means to you and how much you love her? Match them with the new leather and crystal bracelets to create that perfect summer look!


2. Encore by Cordova

Encore by Cordova is a beautiful collection that was actually created specifically for mothers. Cordova describes Encore in such a beautiful way that there's no need for anything more: "For all the times she's nurtured, listened, loved, and uplifted. For the moments when words are not enough. For a birth, or birthday, an occasion to remember, or simply because you need her to know how much you care. Honor her.Celebrate her. Give her an Encore." How adorable? With Encore by Cordova you can mix and match your chosen diamonds, birthstones, and initials on a ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace to tell your special mom's unique story.


3. Honora Pearls

According to the UK newspaper, The Telegraph, pearls are now preferred to diamonds. Although we're still suckers for diamonds, we do love pearls and think they make a perfect Mother's Day gift. Besides their flattering effect on the complexion (they shine from traces of oil they pick up from your skin), their improvement with wear, and their immaculate beauty, pearls have history of glamour, mystique, and classic elegance. Honora freshwater pearls have stood for value and great quality for over 30 years, and they make the perfect gift for the woman who shines in your life.


4. Michele Deco Watch

Michele is one of the hottest names in designer fashion watches today. Michele watches combine luxury with glamorous style to capture the vibrant Miami lifestyle. Give your hip mom a Michele Deco Watch for Mother's Day! Deco watches by Michele reflect geometric shapes identified with Art Deco architecture and are a stunning addition to any wrist. We promise your mom will love a shiny, breathtaking Michele Deco watch!


5. Hearts on Fire Fulfillment

Ah, our favorite. Hearts on Fire prides itself on being "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond," and we have to support that claim. Hearts on Fire diamonds really are stunning and like no other. Sometimes we get lost staring at the Hearts on Fire diamonds we have in the store for hours. The Hearts on Fire Fulfillment is the signature Hearts on Fire look. Having that beautiful cluster of diamonds around your neck or on your ears is really all you need to turn a casual look extraordinarily glamorous. Believe us, your mom will LOVE you for getting her a Hearts on Fire Fulfillment. Seriously, if she loved you before, she'll really love you now… For the woman who loves you unconditionally -from the day you were born until forever, for the one who always put you before herself, for the one you can count on above everyone else. Show appreciation for the best by giving her the best. Hope we helped!