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Sebastian and Christina's Perfect Proposal

March 27th, 2018

unnamedThe beginning:

Sebastian and Christina met in August of 2017 when Sebastian's job led him back to New York after having been gone for around two years. After running into an old friend who also relocated out of state, Sebastian made plans to grab drinks in Manhattan to catch up while his friend was in town, serendipitously leading him on the bus ride that would change his life. On that same bus was Christina, who was on her way to a bakery after helping a friend with some voiceovers for a project. Sebastian first noticed Christina for her Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo—he is a huge fan of the film—but for some reason could not take his eyes off of her. As the bus started to empty, Christina took a seat across from him and Sebastian struck up a conversation about her tattoo. He knew he needed to talk to her and after chatting about their love for the movie, Christina gave Sebastian her business card before getting off the bus. Sebastian didn't even care that he missed his stop and later texted Christina to ask her on a date. That week, they went for dinner, saw a concert, and sang showtunes together on the way home. From that moment, they knew what they had was something special and have been together ever since.

Though they had never crossed paths before August 2017, Sebastian and Christina had spent most of their lives in arms reach of each other—they attended the same high school, went to the same beach, and even lived in the same neighborhood for some time and never once met until their perfect moment on the bus that day. Sebastian says it was "well worth the wait" to have met his soulmate at just the right moment in time.

The Perfect Proposal, according to Christina:

"We got engaged on December 22, 2017 after returning from a family vacation. After being gone for the week, we were looking forward to being together that evening when I returned. I was caught completely off guard by the proposal—we were spending the in together and relaxing in the bathtub when out of nowhere he proposed! He had gotten the text that day that the ring he designed was done and felt that it was a sign that it was the right moment! He didn't even had the ring yet and I still ugly cried when he asked me to marry him. I jokingly asked him "You really want to spend the rest of your life with me?! Are you sure?"

I thought the ring might have been coming in the future but I had no idea it would be that night! I was definitely not expecting it at all. Looking back, Sebastian was sort of hinting at it and mentioned a ring while I was on vacation. I was still very surprised by the whole thing and couldn't be happier!"

20180303_154238_1520109994577The ring:

Sebastian created a completely custom ring for Christina to be as unique as their relationship. Though they had never gone to look at rings together, Sebastian knew she liked princess cut and created a special ring with a princess cut center stone in a sparkling yellow color—Christina's favorite color. He selected garnets for side stones in his favorite color, red, to embrace the yellow center stone, all set in a white gold ring. Christina loves how in some lights, the garnets are so deep in color, they almost look black—a color both her her and Sebastian love.

The future:

Sebastian and Christina plan to have a Halloween wedding on Staten Island and are excited to start planning their special day. After their wedding, they hope to move to Florida down the line and travel as much as they can.