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Shannon & Sal: The Pandora Couple

January 22nd, 2021

shannon and sal blog The Perfect Proposal Shannon & Sal

The beginning: Shannon and Sal met at Pandora when they were both just 18 years old. Shannon was still in high school and Sal was completing his first year at Ocean County College. Though Shannon had planned to attend Florida State, she changed her mind after meeting Sal. Something clicked, and she wanted to stay more local. On July 12, 2016, right before Shannon left for Philadelphia University, Sal made it official and asked Shannon to be his girlfriend. She said yes!

Five years later, Shannon and Sal are proud dog parents to their puppy, Tito. They have been on multiple vacations together, most of which have been to Disney, or as Shannon calls it ?her favorite place on Earth!? Aside from vacationing, the couple enjoys encouraging each other with regards to their work ethic. Shannon is only one semester away from student teaching and Sal has found a career that he absolutely loves in car sales!

shannon and sal proposal The Perfect Proposal, according to Shannon:

?I knew it was coming but I was completely surprised by the way he did it! Sal was acting differently the week prior and it seemed as though everyone was trying to avoid me! Plans for Thanksgiving Day were kept super vague, which was odd because I am usually the one organizing plans for holidays. We brought Tito to my dad?s house the morning of Thanksgiving to have breakfast. When we pulled up, Tito got super nervous and would NOT come in the house! I was so focused on trying to get him to come into the house that I did not notice our families all together and staring at us. Then, we finally walked in and I saw the ?Marry Me? sign on the floor along with our families staring at us all with phones in hands! I was so excited and blown away that he was asking me, and I was so happy that we were able to share this special moment with our families that are so important to us.?

dog with my humans are getting married shirtThe ring:

Sal picked out a beautiful split shank ring featuring a stunning Round Brilliant Diamond encased in a diamond halo. It is truly a unique piece and exactly what Shannon wanted! Shannon said, ?I absolutely LOVE IT!?

The future:

Right now, Shannon and Sal are enjoying the thrills that come with being engaged. Though they are excited to begin planning, the couple is going to hold off for a bit. They?d like to make sure they choose a day where everyone will be able to attend without quarantining or masks. From experience, I can say that there is no rush to plan. Being engaged is exciting as is! Congratulations to the happy couple!