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Stunning Map Pendants

January 15th, 2016

Maps by A. Jaffe are a beautiful and unique way to showcase a place near and dear to your heart. These stunning Map pendants, marked with a diamond, are a special reminder of the most important places in your life. Maps are completely customized to your location, whether it be as broad as an entire state or as zoomed in as a specific street corner, to make the place you met, the place you grew up, or the place you got married a wearable memory.



Featured in InStyle Magazine's holiday gift guide "Gifts that will WOW", Maps were highlighted as a creative and uniquely personal way to surprise someone special in your life. Starting at just $125 in sterling silver or $425 in 14k white, yellow, or rose gold, and in a var iety of shapes and designs, Maps are the perfect match for any woman's personal style. BRIDES Magazine featured Maps in their latest "Want. Need. Love." section as a perfect gift for both brides and bridesmaids alike to commemorate your special day. Wear a Map marking the intersection of where you had your first date, the location of your wedding ceremony, or the place of your first home to permanently remember all the wonderful places life has taken you.

Maps are not just for commemorating events with your significant other; they are a way to celebrate and remember an important place in your life. Celebrities such as pop phenomenon Taylor Swift and rocker Hayley Williams of Paramore wear Maps to mark a place significant for their incredible careers- Swift's is used to celebrate her move to New York while Williams' is marked with the crossroads of her hometown where she began playing. Meredith Vieira wears a Map of her show's set, engraved "Home away from home", gifted to her by her crew on the Meredith Vieira Show after being featured as a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Maps by A. Jaffe are the perfect way to immortalize a special place in your life. Whether it be where you are from, where you have been, or where you are headed, give your love an address.