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Tips To Buying The Perfect Diamond

January 10th, 2021

When it comes to deciding on a loose diamond to purchase, people often face this for the first time during the process of engagement ring shopping. It can be a joyful, yet difficult process. Diamonds last forever, so make your choice carefully. Additionally, the cost of a diamond is not insignificant, so you want to make sure you are educated in all aspects of purchasing a diamond.

What do you need to make the most out of your resources? Knowledge is power, so we have created a useful guide to assist you with the selection of your engagement ring at Gerald Peters.

Choosing the Best Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Every diamond is hand-selected for clarity and perfection by the Gemological Institute of America, which serves as a grading scale to ensure the quality, color, and sustainability of each diamond. Gerald Peters collections undergo an intricate screening process by at least three qualified diamond experts.

We have listed some of the main characteristics of diamonds to help you identify the perfect diamond to complete your engagement ring.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

It is crucial to ensure the diamonds you are interested in are conflict-free. Thankfully, these diamonds are commonplace in the industry now. Conflict-free refers to diamonds that are mined and shipped using ethical practices, without negative impacts to the environment or others. Taking responsibility for the sourcing of these beautiful gemstones is a step in the right direction for all consumers and manufacturers.

Conflict-free or cruelty-free diamonds are safely mined and are a much better choice for all. When purchasing a conflict-free diamond, it confirms the seller has followed the process preventing social or environmental deterioration. Understand this process to be well informed on every aspect of the diamond market, and ensure you find a diamond that?s authentic, conflict-free, and leaves you with a clean conscience.

Top Quality Diamonds

Diamond professionals utilize the 4 C grading system to establish the important factors which define and classify diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Every certified gemologist uses the 4 C?s when having a diamond appraised. These have become part of the technical terms jewelry professionals use and you will most likely run into them when shopping for your loose cut diamond.

Ensure you understand the 4 C?s when looking for that special diamond. With basic 4 C knowledge and working with a trusted jeweler, your experience will be a rewarding one.

Independently Certified

The single most important purpose of a diamond certificate is to verify each aspect of the diamond and where it came from. Only an accredited gemological laboratory has the resources and know-how to test and certify these diamonds to meet industry standards.

Working with a diamond expert at Gerald Peters will leave you in good hands to find that special stone you?ve been searching for. Their team of qualified jewelers is dedicated to helping you find the perfect ring that will exceed every expectation. Gerald Peters will make sure you understand the different factors and make the best choice. Call them today to begin your fulfilling experience.