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A Guide To Updating Your Partner’s Engagement Ring This Holiday Season

October 15th, 2023

a couple intertwining pinkies, the woman wearing a cushion cut, halo engagement ring

The holidays offer a poignant opportunity to refresh cherished symbols of commitment, like engagement rings. Often, couples begin their journey with a ring that suits their initial circumstances. Yet, as financial situations improve and personal styles evolve, the desire to enhance that significant piece emerges. An upgraded engagement ring not only mirrors an expanded budget or shifted aesthetic but also symbolizes a deepening bond and a couple's evolving narrative. For those considering this sentimental step this festive season, Gerald Peters stands ready to provide a seamless and quality-assured transformation of your emblem of love.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

When it comes to elevating your partner's engagement ring, consider a simple yet impactful change: switching to a larger center stone. This modification dramatically boosts the ring's visual allure, radiating enhanced sparkle and significance. Beyond aesthetics, a bolder center stone embodies the depth and evolution of a couple's bond. Such a modification reinvigorates a cherished symbol, ensuring its beauty remains both eye-catching and universal.

a bride holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing an emerald cut halo engagement ring

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

Another fantastic option is enhancing their ring by opting for a different center stone shape. Such a change can dramatically alter the ring's overall appearance and aesthetic appeal. Different shapes offer unique light reflections, giving the ring a fresh sparkle and character. This transformation not only renews its visual charm but also personalizes it further, aligning with evolving tastes and symbolizing the journey's continuous growth.

Add Extra Diamonds

For an air of added brilliance this season, enhance your partner's ring with accent stones. These delicate additions frame the center stone, boosting its prominence and adding layers of sparkle. By introducing accent stones, the ring's overall allure is magnified, intertwining both complexity and elegance. It's a subtle yet impactful way to rejuvenate a beloved piece, mirroring both its history and bright future.

two hands holding, one of which is wearing a pear shape halo engagement ring

Change the Setting

Switching to a different setting is one way you can totally change the aesthetic of the ring. For instance, if your partner’s ring previously featured a simple solitaire setting and they’re ready to upgrade, you might choose to have their center stone reset into a sparkling halo, side stone, or three stone setting. Pick a setting that you feel better suits your partner’s stylistic preferences at this point in your lives. 

Use a Different Type of Metal

The type of metal an engagement ring is set into affects not only the look of the ring, but also its durability, shine, and whether or not it’s hypoallergenic. Upgrade your loved one’s ring to a different metal to secure the piece’s longevity. Or, change to a metal that possesses a hue that more closely resembles their current style. 

a person’s hand holding a bouquet and wearing an oval-cut engagement ring

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Gerald Peters

This holiday season, give your beloved a symbol of renewed commitment by upgrading their engagement ring at Gerald Peters. Our Staten Island jewelry store is renowned for its exquisite collection and unparalleled custom design services. Our skilled artisans work laboriously to transform visions into tangible symbols of love and devotion. With a legacy rooted in quality and craftsmanship, Gerald Peters ensures that every ring resonates with personal stories and cherished memories. For a deeper dive into our offerings and to learn more about our products and services, don't hesitate to contact us.