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The New Year’s Hottest Designers

December 15th, 2023

close up image of a woman wearing gold hoops and looking away from the camera

In the ever-evolving world of jewelry, staying in the latest realm of trends with impactful brands is paramount. These pioneering brands often set the industry's gold standard, reflecting innovation, craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability. A good brand does more than create beautiful pieces; it tells a story, resonates with personal values, and ensures longevity and quality. By keeping pace with these leading names, you are investing in timeless beauty and the forward march of jewelry artistry. Discover the incredible selection of jewelry brands that stand testament to these ideals at Gerald Peters.

a mixed metal engagement ring, yellow gold chain, and white gold bracelet by Gabriel & CO.

Gabriel & Co.

Established over three decades ago by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel, designer Gabriel & Co. stands as a testament to artistry and passion in the jewelry realm. Specializing in both bridal and fashion jewelry, their creations marry timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Each piece, meticulously crafted, showcases one-of-a-kind design elements that set them apart. Drawing inspiration from love, life, and the beauty of the world around them, Gabriel & Co. uses their special artistic vision to create tangible treasures for life's cherished moments.

a halo engagement ring and two wedding bands by A.JAFFE


With a rich legacy spanning over 120 years, A.JAFFE stands as an epitome of luxury in the bridal jewelry realm. Established in downtown New York in 1892, the brand is renowned for its exquisite designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and signature detailing. Every A.JAFFE piece reflects a commitment to elegance and longevity, with elements like the subtle squaring of the ring shank setting them apart. Rooted in timeless traditions yet inspired by contemporary artistry, A.JAFFE transforms love stories into shimmering masterpieces.

a mixed metal wedding band, topaz necklace, and engagement ring by Tacori


Family-owned brand Tacori seamlessly melds European sophistication with Californian flair. Leading the industry in both bridal and fashion jewelry, Tacori's handcrafted pieces are instantly recognizable by their iconic crescent silhouette design. Originating from an artisan's dream in 1969, the brand has consistently upheld a legacy of ornate detail and superior craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the scenic beauty of California, Tacori transforms the allure of nature and romance into sparkling masterpieces that echo timeless elegance.

two engagement rings and a curved wedding band by Sylvie


A name synonymous with bespoke bridal jewelry, the brand Sylvie was founded on a mission of celebrating every woman's unique love story. With a legacy rooted in three decades of craftsmanship, Sylvie offers pieces that boast intricate detailing and innovative designs. Their standout design elements, especially the attention to side views and profiles, are testaments to their dedication to perfection. Sylvie believes that beauty is found in the details, and crafts each piece as an ode to love, ensuring every ring tells a timeless tale of romance.

a tennis bracelet, heart pendant necklace, and wedding band by Shy Creation

Shy Creation

A trailblazer in both fashion and bridal jewelry, Shy Creation beautifully embodies contemporary elegance. With roots tracing back to passionate artisans, the brand has championed the art of blending timeless design with modern aesthetics. Distinguished by their fine detailing and eclectic motifs, Shy Creation's pieces reflect a perfect harmony of sophistication and trend. At its core, the brand's mission is to empower wearers to shine brilliantly in their uniqueness. Shy Creation continues to  craft trendy jewelry that resonates with today's fashion-forward enthusiasts.

a pair of hoop earrings, a cross necklace, and a pair of gold cufflinks by Italgem Steel

Italgem Steel

Standing at the forefront of fashion jewelry, Italgem Steel merges Italian craftsmanship with modern innovation. Born from the bustling workshops of Italy, the brand has been redefining elegance for years. Recognized for their use of durable materials and distinctive finishes, Italgem Steel's pieces exude strength and style. Their mission revolves around crafting statement pieces that encapsulate contemporary style. Drawing inspiration from the fusion of tradition and trend, Italgem Steel offers modern jewelry that speaks to both one’s heritage and aspirations.

a woman’s hand holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing a white gold engagement ring

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