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5 Women’s Watch Trends to Watch For at Your Local Jeweler

June 15th, 2024

A young woman wearing a simple wrist watch, riding her bicycle through a park.

Even with a smartphone’s all-in-one utility as a clock, stopwatch, timer, and alarm clock, a stylish wrist watch is still very much in vogue. There is an elegant simplicity in an analog timepiece that adds a bespoke quality to every ensemble, whether it’s day-to-day wear or your best for a special occasion. From the classic allure of vintage-inspired designs to the avant-garde fusion of modern technology and haute couture, the expert staff at Gerald Peters understand the top women's watch trends poised to grace discerning wrists this season. Explore the latest styles at our location on Staten Island, curated exclusively for the discerning woman who embraces both tradition and innovation in equal measure.

A vintage style Tissot watch with a leather band and round face, from Gerald Peters.

Vintage Style

Some looks never go out of fashion, Vintage-style watches exude timeless charm and sophistication, channeling the glamor of bygone eras with their intricate details and classic aesthetics. Whether adorned with luxurious leather watch bands or boasting elegant features such as square faces, these timepieces offer a versatile allure that seamlessly complements any ensemble with understated elegance.

This handsome Lady Bellissima watch from Tissot exemplifies that classic aesthetic, featuring a luxurious leather band, a sleek round face, and chic roman numerals adorning the dial. Constructed from scratch-resistant sapphire and sturdy stainless steel, this watch is just as practical as it is beautiful.

An elegant, minimalist TAG Heuer wrist watch, from Gerald Peters.

Minimalist Designs

When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of minimalism, less is definitely more. Minimalist watches are the essence of understated chic, embracing clean lines and simplistic design, letting those bold aesthetics speak for themselves. With sleek dials and uncluttered faces, these timepieces exude effortless elegance and versatility, making them the perfect accessory for both casual outings and formal affairs.

This sleek TAG Heuer Carrera wristwatch stuns with its bold lines and elegant simplicity, while also boasting a resilient and secure frame that stays strong and beautiful for years to come. The mother of pearl dial delivers a subtle touch of glamor and opulence, without distracting from the dial’s key features.

A sporty but beautiful Breitling Superocean watch, from Gerald Peters.

Sporty Chic

A sporty watch delivers all the utility you would expect from your watch as well as the extra security to keep up with your active lifestyle, all without sacrificing the watch’s beauty. Exuding both athleticism and elegance, these watches are designed to deliver unparalleled precision and strength, as well as robust features for your choice of activities while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

Built with an active lifestyle in mind, Breitling watches are the apex of sporty chic. This Superocean Automatic is built to last, whether you are exploring your favorite mountain trail, exploring under the ocean waves, or simply relaxing after a thrilling day of adventure.

A stunning Michele wristwatch adorned in diamonds, from Gerald Peters.

Watches as Jewelry

Watches are often paired with jewelry to create a harmonious look, but some timepieces can be as dazzling as any piece of jewelry. Watches as jewelry transcend mere timekeeping, becoming exquisite adornments that grace the wrist with opulent allure. Crafted from precious metals like gold and adorned with dazzling diamonds or gemstones, these timepieces elevate accessorizing to an art form, merging luxurious aesthetics with functional elegance for the discerning wearer.

This Meggie wristwatch from Michele dazzles with its 18k yellow gold construction, adorned in hundreds of stunning diamonds. This timepiece will turn heads as it catches the light, all while dutifully keeping the time with sleek, luminous hands.

An elegant and affordable Tissot stainless steel watch, from Gerald Peters.

Affordable Elegance

When it comes to a stunning and fashionable watch, there are options available for every budget. For 500 dollars or less, these options offer a delightful fusion of affordability and sophistication, proving that one need not compromise on beauty or functionality for a budget-friendly accessory. From sleek minimalist designs to sporty-chic options, these timepieces exude effortless style and reliability without breaking the bank.

This lovely square watch from Tissot provides all the glamor and utility you want from a luxury watch, but for less than 400 dollars. Boasting stainless steel construction, a square case, and sparkling diamonds on the dial, this adornment effortlessly combines style, functionality and security, all within an affordable price.

A young woman in a field of dainty flowers, wearing a bold wristwatch.

Discover the Hottest Watch Trends for Women at Gerald Peters

When it comes to today’s trendiest timepieces, you’ll find the best selection at Gerald Peters. From our showroom on Staten Island, our expert staff can help you find the perfect wristwatch for your lifestyle, whether you need a statement piece for the boardroom, or something sturdy for your active lifestyle. Alongside our watch repair services, we can ensure that your beloved timepiece functions flawlessly and looks beautiful for years to come. Visit our showroom or contact us to discover your newest statement piece today.