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Triton Rings for Men

October 17th, 2015

Triton Rings are designed for the modern man; with sleek and smooth designs combined with expert craftsmanship. Triton specializes in rings and wedding bands for men in a variety of designs and metals; with and without diamond sets. Triton rings utilize both either black or regular diamonds set in a variety of metals from Tungsten to Cobalt. Strength meets style in Triton's design that creates a handsome ring. Triton's craftsmen have excellent attention to detail for every ring, bracelet, and necklace they make.

For 32 years and two generations, Gerald Peters Goldmine has been servicing the Staten Island and Brooklyn community. Truly a family owned and operated business, Gerald Peters Goldmine has dedicated its mission to providing its customers with the highest quality and craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Visit our new location in the Staten Island mall, or call us at (718) 477-4000.