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Diamond Shapes for Every Aesthetic

May 15th, 2024

a round, princess, and heart cut diamond sitting on a piece of blue velvet

In the realm of fine jewelry, a vast array of cuts unveils the unique beauty and brilliance of the iconic diamond. From the timeless elegance of the round cut to the contemporary charm of the princess cut, each style showcases diamonds in a light that is distinctively its own. These varied cuts not only enhance the gem's natural luster but also accentuate the design of significant pieces, such as engagement rings, making each creation a testament to love and commitment. Gerald Peters proudly offers an impressive inventory of diamond jewelry, featuring a multitude of cuts designed to cater to every preference and occasion, ensuring that every piece is as unique as the moments it commemorates.

The Timeless Round Cut

With a history dating back to the early 20th century, the round cut has become the most popular diamond cut, cherished for its timeless appeal and versatility. It boasts a precise arrangement of 57 or 58 facets, designed to optimize light reflection, enhancing the diamond's natural brilliance and fire. This classic cut appeals to a wide range of tastes, making it a quintessential choice for any piece of jewelry.

The Regal Radiant Cut

Renowned for its regal effect, the radiant cut was introduced in the 1970s and is a unique blend of the classic round and the contemporary emerald cuts. With 70 facets artfully arranged to maximize brilliance and create a spectacular display of light, this cut combines the elegance of traditional cuts with a modern flair, making it an exquisite choice for those seeking a distinctive sparkle.

a man kissing a woman’s hand who is wearing a princess cut engagement ring

The Contemporary Princess Cut

Originating in the 1960s, the princess cut is a testament to modern elegance, characterized by its sharp, clean lines and a sleek, contemporary silhouette. This cut typically features 58 to 76 facets, arranged to maximize the stone's fire and brilliance. Its geometric shape and unique facet arrangement make it a popular choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their jewelry.

The Vintage-Inspired Emerald Cut

Dating back to the Art Deco period, the emerald cut is distinguished by its clean, architectural lines, reflecting its inspiration. With typically 50 to 58 facets, this cut is designed to provide a clear window into the diamond's center, highlighting the pristine clarity of only the highest quality stones. Its elongated, step-cut facets exude elegance, making it a sophisticated choice for those with a penchant for vintage glamor.

a woman’s hand resting on a man’s, wearing an oval cut engagement ring

The Romantic Oval Cut

Exquisite and alluring, the oval cut was originally crafted in the late 1950s and offers a romantic effect with its elongated shape and brilliant facet arrangement, typically consisting of 56 to 58 facets. This cut not only enhances the stone's sparkle but also creates an illusion of greater size. Its unique blend of elegance and innovation makes it an ideal choice for those desiring a piece that combines timeless beauty with a hint of individuality.

The Distinctive Marquise Cut

Originating in the 18th century and named after the Marquise of Pompadour, the marquise cut is celebrated for its boat-shaped silhouette, featuring 56 to 58 facets meticulously arranged to maximize the gem's brilliance and elongate the finger when worn. Its distinctive shape and efficient light reflection make it a captivating choice for those seeking a blend of historical elegance and unique charm.

The Feminine Pear Shaped Cut

Blending the best of both worlds, the pear shaped cut combines the round and marquise cuts to create a unique and versatile shape. Originating hundreds of years ago, it features 56 to 58 facets arranged to maximize brilliance and fire. This cut's teardrop silhouette offers a distinctive choice, embodying both the elegance of the round cut and the elongation effect of the marquise.

round cut diamonds sitting on an orange surface in the light

Pick Your Favorite Diamond Shapes at Gerald Peters

Discover an array of exquisite diamond jewelry at Gerald Peters, featuring a diverse selection of exceptional cuts to suit every taste. Located in New York, our Staten Island jewelry store offers a stunning range of designer engagement rings and a wide selection of loose diamonds, ensuring you find the perfect gem for any occasion. In addition to our exquisite pieces, we provide expert repair services to maintain the beauty of your cherished items. For more information on our products and services, please contact us.