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Which Engagement Rings Are Trending For 2021?

January 16th, 2021

The start of a new year is a time for reflection and a time to look to the future. As resolutions start to take form, many are looking to love for the new year. There’s nothing more beautiful than two people coming together, resolved to build a life of love and happiness. If your love story is taking flight this year, we have just the guide to start you on your path to finding an engagement ring in 2021.

Tradition | Beauty | Impact

First and foremost, a major trend for 2021 is shopping with ethics and sustainability in mind. Celebrate your love, while protecting the earth. Everyone benefits from ethically sourced rings, and it is a major driving force behind many bridal jewelry brands.

Gabriel & Co. works to advance the diamond industry by only incorporating ethically earth-mined diamonds and gemstones in their jewelry. Furthermore, they use recycled materials in all of their packaging to reduce their environmental impact.

While some eco-conscious brides love the idea of an antique ring, others want a new ring with a vintage feel. For the latter, we recommend Gabriel & Co for their excellent ethics and vintage details. Thrill your loved one with this vintage white gold engagement ring. Brimming with milgrain detailing and embellished curving metalwork, this ring is an heirloom in the making for an old soul.

Past | Present | Future

Cherish your love with a three stone engagement ring. This option is for the true romantics, the couples who always go out of their way to show they care. Engagement rings with side stones are common, however, they shouldn’t be confused with the three stone ring design. In a three stone ring, the side diamonds which flank the center stone are larger, closer in size to the center stone itself.

Each stone signifies a stage in your relationship in the past, present, and future. While it’s important to reflect on the past and hope for the future, the center stone is the largest to remind you to stay connected to your loved one in the present. An important reminder in 2021 and likely the reason it has soared in popularity once again.

For an equal but more dispersed shine, propose with this three stone ring by Sylvie. The baguette side stones jut out from the center stone like a love that is about to take flight. Your partner will feel your love and feel sophisticated.

Pear | Trilliant | Brilliant

Light up any ring with novel side stones. Fancy stones, as they are called, really mean any stone cut that is not round cut. Let’s look at pear and trilliant side stones.

Pear cut stones are lovely in that they are similar in brilliant shine to round stones, and they look bigger than stones of similar carat weight like a marquise cut stone. Pear cuts are romantic and atypical. Does that sound like your bride-to-be? If so, she is likely to adore this cut.

Thrill with the triangular trilliant. Trilliants are considered modified brilliants, meaning that they reflect large amounts of white light. Explore pear cut and trilliant cut side stones.

Unique | Unprecedented | Undeniable

Propose with a rare and wonderful ring as unique as she is. Innovative bridal designs in 2021 play with color and structure to create head-turning pieces, meant for those who feel restrained and misrepresented in traditional styles. The sky is the limit when it comes to unconventional engagement rings crafted from mixed metals, asymmetrical designs, and colored side stones to only name a few.

Rubies evoke passion and romance so why not incorporate them in the most romantic jewelry piece. 

If that’s not enough, peruse the Free Form collection from Gabriel & Co. You will find sparkling engagement rings that wrap around her finger in sensual and striking designs.

“Where Can I Find More?”

We are delighted to hear you have found the one you love, now let us help you find the ring you love at Gerald Peters. You can find the above engagement ring trends for 2021 and more bridal jewelry by browsing online or stopping by in-store.

We are a family-run business committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fine jewelry. Housing the largest bridal jewelry selection on Staten Island, we can help you find the ring she has been dreaming of.