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Why the Swiss Watch Rises Above the Rest

March 25th, 2020

Why the Swiss Watch Rises Above the Rest

In any conversation about luxury timepieces, inevitably, it is Swiss-made watches that are brought up time and time again when it comes to the ultimate standard of a well-made timepiece. But what is it about a Swiss watch that makes it such a desirable timepiece? Why do people spend so much money on them in the era of smart watches?

Swiss watches are made with exacting requirements by some of the top craftsmen in the world, who come from an area with a long history of watchmaking. Men and women have come to prize these timepieces as fashionable accessories that are durable—they can be worn for decades and passed down through the generations. Some even become collector's items.

Swiss Watch Standards

Timepieces have to pass a certain number of criteria to be called a Swiss watch. To be officially "Swiss Made" they have to meet these five requirements:

  1. The watch must be manufactured in Switzerland.
  2. The watch's movement must be Swiss.
  3. The movement has to be "cased up"—put into its casing or outer shell—in Switzerland.
  4. Final inspection of the watch has to happen in Switzerland.
  5. At least 60% of the manufacturing cost of the watch has to be based in Switzerland.

Swiss-made timepieces

Top Swiss-Made Brands

Breitling is one of the top Swiss watchmakers in the industry. Motivated by an obsession with quality, the company specializes in technical timepieces with innovative reliability and precision. Their Navitimer line has been one of the world's most beloved mechanical chronograph watches for more than 65 years. The Avenger collection is unparalleled when it comes to safety, reliability, durability, and functionality. Meanwhile, the SuperOcean is a classic dive watch that has been around since 1957.

One of the most popular and storied makers of Swiss watches is Tissot. The company has been making quality and reliable timepieces since 1853. Their Heritage line, with its classic watch silhouettes, is perfect for collectors who want something timeless or those who enjoy beautiful simplicity. Meanwhile, the T-Sport collection is prized for use in sports like diving, cycling, and basketball because of their design and additional dials.

Finding the Right Watch for You

The best way to know which Swiss watch is right for you is to just start exploring and shopping. Here at Gerald Peters, we carry the finest Swiss watch brands, including the ones mentioned above. We've been selling fine jewelry and luxury watches since 1982.

Use our online Watch Finder to check out your options, refined by the criteria you want. Narrow it down to a few that you like best, then come into our jewelry store to try them on! We can't wait to help you find the perfect timepiece!